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Cooling power: 2.05 kW
Refrigerant gas R410A*
Easy to install: Unico can be installed in a few minutes.
Removable on-unit remote control
24h timer


Economy function: enables energy saving, automatically optimizing the performance of the unit
Ventilation only function
Dehumidification only function
Auto function: adjusts operation parameters based on ambient temperature
Sleep function: gradually increases set temperature and ensures reduced noise level for greater comfort during the night.


UNICO EASY is a result of the finest work of design and component compaction. It is very flexible and extremely versatile. UNICO EASY is equipped with aesthetic feet and back-closure-pannel and can be wall installed as well as free standing. The installation work, including the mooring of the external grills can be made from inside the room. 
It is avaliable in two power models : 
>> only cooling
>> heat pump


UNICO EASY Dis Unitesiz Klima

  • Cooling capacity: 2.1 kW
    Available in versions: SF (Cooling only) - HP (Heat Pump)
    Double class
    Refrigerant gas R410A*
    Easy installation: Unico can be installed from the inside in a few

    Removable remote control on machine

    24 hour Timer

    Fan only mode
    Dehumidification only mode
    Auto mode: changes parameters depending on ambient temperature.
    Sleep mode: gradually increases the temperature set and ensuresreduced noise for greater wellbeing at night.

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