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New home appliance that reduces the use of the main heating system and optimizes the effectiveness of your fireplace.

• It’s very simple and easy to operate. Simply place it in the centre of the fireplace and light the fire.

• Fan draws in cold air from the room, which is then heated by burning firewood, and sends the row heated airback into the room to circulate. It provides significant savings in heating costs.

• Fan allows you to turn on your independent heating system much later, thus reducing its environment impact. The restraining tube prevents the excessive accumulation of firewood and its rolling out of the fireplace. This will help you cut down on the amount of firewood required and reduce both your purchasing and delivery costs and the destruction of forests. Caldofà is the first environment-conscious fireplace.

• Fan offers economy as you can reduce the time your main heating system needs to be on.

• Insulation class: Cl.I.

Sömine Yanma Odası Isı Transfer Fanı

  • Absorbed Current max (A)0,18
    Frequency (Hz)50
    Insulation ClassII°
    Voltage (V)220-240
    Weight (Kg)18
    Delivery 1st speed (m³/h)32
    Max delivery at max speed (m³/h)48
    Sound power Lw [dB(A)] - min speed47
    Sound power Lw [dB(A)] - mid speed54

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