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Asit Buharı Korozif Gazlara Dayanımlı Fanlar SEAT - İTALYA


Designed to exhaust fumes from highly corrosive environments such as laboratory fume cupboards, battery rooms, chemical plants, etc. The all polypropylene construction and thick walls ensure maximum protection against acids and corrosion. 50 to 15000 m3/H and 10 to 1 800 Pa of total pressure.


Housings : PP
Single block strong high density UV treated and recyclable polypropylene (PPH) with no welded joint. Reversible and rotable to any the 8 standard discharge positions by 45° increments. All fan mounting hardware in stainless steel.


Wheels : PP
Forward curved centrifugal type impeller made, of injection molded PPH. Fan wheel supplied with hub cap constructed of PPH. Wheels electronically and dynamically balanced to ISO 1940.


Direct drive, asynchronous, single or three phase, IP55. Single speed: three phase 230/400 V-50/60Hz, single phase 230V-50Hz. Explosion proof motors available on request. Motor is outside the airstream. Three phase motors speed adjustable by variable frequency inverter drive.


Motor Support    
Several options: metal stand constructed of epoxy coated sheet metal(1), polypropylene motor pedestal(2) or roof unit kit(3).


SEAT Series Fans are also available in ATEX Zone II, known outside Europe as explosion proof, category 3 G execution in accordance with ATEX directive 94/9/CE. ATEX declaration of conformity available on our web site The performances curves of explosion proof fans are identical with the ones of the standard version.


Fan performance based on tests conducted in accordance with AMCA 210-85 and ISO 5801.

PP ( Polypropylen ) Asit Fanları SEAT - ITALYA

  • SEAT 15

    Polypropylene centrifugal exhaust fan designed to extract highly corrosive gases with a maximum airflow of 700mch and the inlet and outlet dimension of 125mm  Available in ATEX version.

    • Airflow: 100-700 mch
    • Total pressure: 20-600 Pa
    • Inlet: 125mm
    • Material: polypropylene
    • Motor driving: direct
    • Motor support options : metal stand, enclosed pedestal or kit roof unit
    • ATEX : Zone II only with three phase motors
    • Motor: single phase or three phase
    • TEKNİK ÖZELLİKLER    -    Diğer Bilgiler
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