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Electronic multifunction panel which can be used to set the
desired humidity level and start the SuperDry function, ensuring
continuous, faster dehumidification.
With backlit liquid crystal display which can be used to display
the room temperature and humidity level.

Olimpia Splendid Secco 16

Stok kodu: NEMA-OLIMP16
    • Dehumidification capacity: 16l/24h*
    • Tank capacity: 2 l
    • Noise level: only 36 db (A)
      Secco 16 are among the quietest dehumidifiers in its category, more than 10%** quieter with a sound level of only 36 db (A).
    • Digital controls
    • SuperDry function: continuous and faster dehumidification
    • LCD Display
    • Full tank alarm
    • Continuous operation with hose
    • Electronic defrosting device
    • Visible water level
    • Handle Wheels
    • Dehumidifiable volume: 120-140 m3
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