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12" water cooling fan with humidifier 
MP3 Function, LED display screen 
Mosquito repellent 
Material: ABS 
Motor: full cooper

SASO/ CE / CB / CQC Certificate Approval

1)      12" Box fan with humidifier to keep air cooling
2)      Remote control
3)      Mosquito repellent
4)      MP3 Function, LED display screen
5)      Wind type: Normal, Nature, Sleep
6)      360°rotate, with casters

Oda Tipi Sulu Serinletici, Uzaktan Kumandalı

  • 1)      12" Box fan with humidifier to keep air cooling

    2)      Remote control

    3)      Mosquito repellent

    4)      MP3 Function, LED display screen

    5)      Wind type: Normal, Nature, Sleep

    6)      360°rotate, with casters

    1) Voltage: 220-240V~ 50/ 60HZ
    2) Power:    100W (Fan:55W,Mist:34W,Mosquito repellent:5W, MP3 function:6W)
    3) Body Material: ABS
    4) Water Capacity:1500ml, Capacity of atomization: 200ml/H
    5) Motor:full copper, 1300RPM, 71*71*16 CM
    6) Fan diameter: 300 mm
    7) 2 Round European Plug, 108-spoke line grille
    8) Color: white, silver,dark blue, yellow,red, black, pink


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