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Sun-Pure 3-in-1 Air Purification System
The Sun-Pure Portable includes multi-stage filtration for odor and VOC reduction. Our SP-20 model offers powerful, advanced UV Purification and the SP-20C model includes our patent PRO-Cell™ Technology. The SP-20C PRO-Cell™ grid magnifies the power of the UV lamp making the Sun-Pure Portable one of the most powerful air purifiers on the market. It is ideal for homes and offices without forced air ductwork or for extra protection in any room.
Applications: Home or office - Healthcare environments - Print shops - Salons - Fabric and carpet stores

Medikal Hava Temizleyici

  • Sun-Pure Portable Air Purifier Features:

    • Four stages of filtration, including HEPA, trap dust, dander, pollen and other airborne particles.
    • High intensity UVC germicidal lamp neutralizes and reduces airborne mold, bacteria and viruses.
    • Pro-cell transforms odors and VOCs into fresh, breathable air. (SP-20C only)
    • Advanced electronics monitor and communicate system operation.
    • VOC sensor automatically increases the fan speed when harmful gases are present.
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