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Lab. Lehim Duman Emici WellerZero Smog 2 Kit
Zero Smog 2 Kit Fume extraction unit Volume extraction FT91006699
1 kullanıcılı full set. 9kg.  LxBxH = 360 x 330 x 415mm. Duman Emme kapasitesi = 190 m3 / h. Max. Vakum Gücü = 3000 Pa
Opsiyonel Ürünler  ( Filtre vb. ). ESD Korumalı

Zero Smog 2 Kit
Order number: FT91006699
Economical unit purifies air up to 2 workplaces
Easy filter exchange, Quick and simple installation, Fume extraction unit. Portable fume extraction unit.
The Zero Smog 2 is designed as a small, economical central system for two workplaces. The Kit 1 consist of ZS 2 extraction unit, flexible extraction arm, stop valve, funnel nozzle and extraction hose. It is easy to install and operate. The extraction volume could adjust with the stop valve.

Lab. Tipi Lehim Duman Emici WellerZeroSmog 2 Kit

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