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NVS Suspended Condensing Unit Heater Powerful Axial Fans

The NVS is fitted with either single or multiple axial fan sets and discharge warmed air directly into the heated space via adjustable louvred horizontal grilles. For ducted applications the NVS is fitted with centrifugal fan(s) and can be supplied with optional fan plenum/silencer module.


The NVS range of suspending condensing gas unit heaters has been designed in conjunction with specifiers, installers and users to provide efficient and cost effective heating and ventilation requirements for industrial and commercial properties and workshop environments.

Powrmatic NVS gas fired unit heaters can be installed directly into the space to be heated. Ducted or duct module applications may be satisfied using either the centrifugal fan or duct module variants.  Heaters can be specified to provide on/off, high/low or modulated heat outputs.

Four pass primary tubular assembly manufactured from aluminised steel formed, swaged and expanded without recourse to stress inducing welding. 409 and 316 grade stainless steel options available. Two pass secondary assembly manufactured from extruded aluminium.

A comprehensive range of control and modular duct components ensures total system flexibility in terms of applications offering heating only and ventilation only.


    • Natural Gas or LPG propane
    • Space saving "Off Floor Mounting"
    • Room sealed combustion
    • ECA Compliant on most models - speak to our office for details
    • Low fuel consumptions and carbon emissions
    • Condensing Heater wtih secondary heat exchanger - efficiencies up to 104%
    • Painted to RAL6027 - other colours available upon request
    • On-off, high-low, and modulating options available
    • Choice of outputs: 30kW, 60kW, 90kW and 140kW
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