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•End sections made of thermoplastic nylon, colour grey
•Front casing: pressed steel with painted finish, colour silver; rear casing, junction box and wall fixing: pressed steel with painted finish, colour grey.
•3 x infrared bar, each rated 600 W. 
•Pull cord switches for on/off control and selection of the 3 heat output settings (600/1200/1800 W).
•Wall-mounted installation using bracket provided as standard and adjustable through 22° so that the infrared rays can be directed at the point where heat is required; the fixture is made secure with a safety screw.

İnfrared Isıtıcı 600/1200/1800W IPX4 İTALYA

  • Su Yalıtımı IP X4
    Güç max (W) 1800  (A) 7,8 A  (V) 230  (Kg) 1,6
    Frequency (Hz) 50/60
    Insulation Class I°
    Sertifika IMQ  -  CE

    Boy (mm) 540
    Yükseklik (mm) 123
    Derinlik (mm) 100

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