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FumeCube Purex International Lehim Duman Emici


38 mm metal kol
51 mm-2 mt. hortum
Masa braketi


Lehim dumanı
Kimyasal dumanlar
Kimyasal buharlar


Uygulama Alanı:

Solder fume, Laser smoke, Chemical vapour and many others

FumeCube Fume Extraction System ; compact, quiet and portable, can be connected to either one or two flexible extraction arms. 
The arms can be attached to a bench using clamp brackets and the integrated airflow valve supplied.

The FumeCube is made from stainless steel and a powerful blower ; 3-stage filter system removes contaminants and returns filtered air to the workplace.


Wednesday, November 1, 2017 2:35 PM



FumeCube Purex Int. Lehim Duman Emici HEPA 99.997% 0.3 Micron Mensei INGILTERE

    • 38 mm metal kol
      51 mm-2 mt. hortum
      Masa braketi



    • A one or two arm, easy to fit connection kit with;
      • Flexible stainless steel extraction arms
      • Airflow ON/OFF valves
      • And bench brackets and connection hoses.
    • Interchangeable pen nib AND conical cowls for use if you need pin point extraction or to extract over a wider area.
    • Not just one but FOUR prefilters
    • And a long life “HEPA Chemical” or “Chemical only” main filter.
  • Machine Interfacing Link (optional)
    This cable allows you to connect your FumeCube to another machine, for example a small laser. Then, when the laser starts the FumeCube switches on and when the laser stops the Fumecube switches off automatically. The FumeCube can also signal your interfaced machine if the filter alarm is triggered.


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