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Endüstriyel ve Ticari ısıtma ihtiyaçları için dizayn edilmiştir,
Termostat kontrolü, Termik koruma, Manuel Reset,  IP24

Designed to heat commercial or industrial environments.

Made of a paint coated steel sheet.
Very quiet axial fan.
Switch enabling an adjustment of the extraction or heating of the units 
(only fan function; fan and low heating and fan and high heating operation).
Thermostat allowing the setting of the desired temperature of the room.
Rear switch that allows the thermostat to act on both the fan and the heater element or only on the heater 
(the fan operates permanently).
Thermal protection.
Manual self resetting button (RESET).

ECN Duvar Tipi Elektrikli Fanlı Isıtıcı

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