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DIMPLEX -UK-IPX4 UltraSlim Panel Isıtıcı 2000 Watt
IP rating .. Splashproof IPX4,

Hızlı ısıtma özelliği
• Ev, Banyo ve ticari kullanımlar için uygun
• Banyo ve diğer ıslak mahallerde kullanım için IPX4 standartlarına göre ıslanmaya karşı korumalı sistem
• Yüksek hassasiyetli ayarlanabilir termostat

Thermostat control ; Gas filled, accurate to +/- 1.5°C. User selection of room temperature from 5°C (frost protection) to 35°C using rotary knob. On/off switch ; A single pole on/off switch controls the electricity supply. Neon indicator when the switch is on and power is supplied to elements.

Heat selection switch ; This allows the thermostat to operate on full or half load.

Electrical connections; 1.0m of supply cable fitted to each heater.

Thermal cut-out ; Auto reset type.

Construction ;Durable epoxy-polyester powder coated steel casing, with forward facing grille. Temperature resistant PBT thermoplastic moulded parts.

DIMPLEX -UK-IPX4 UltraSlim Panel Isıtıcı 2000

Stok kodu: ISI-HAV-DIM2000
  • PLX wall convectors are one of Dimplex's classics. They are very popular thanks to their long-lasting quality, their streamlined, slim sheet steel casing in birch white and their high heat output, available in a great variety: As fast supplementary heating in living quarters or as an economical stand-alone heating system for rooms which are only used infrequently.
    High-quality metal casing, connection cable with plug (to PLX 2000; and PLX 3000 for fixed connection), infinitely variable room thermostat 5 °C to 30 °C, ON/OFF switch, 2 heating levels (not for PLX 500), controller cover, overload protector, easy to clean fold-down wall mount.

    Temperature setting range: +5 °C - +30 °C
    Certification mark: VDE
    Casing colour: White
    Rated voltage: 1/N/PE ~230 V. 50 Hz
    Degree of protection: IP X4
    Protection class: l

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    Model    Yük Boy En   KG
    PLX500 0.5kW 430mm 450mm 108mm   4.8
    PLX750 0.75kW 430mm 620mm 108mm   6.2
    PLX1000 1.0kW 430mm 620mm 108mm   6.2
    PLX1250 1.25kW 430mm 690mm 108mm   6.6
    PLX1500 1.5kW 430mm 690mm 108mm   6.6
    PLX2000 2.0kW 430mm 860mm 108mm   8.0
    PLX3000 3.0kW 430mm 860mm 143mm   10
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