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DIMPLEX -UK-IPX4 UltraSlim Panel Isıtıcı 1000 Watt  IP rating : Splashproof IPX4, Thermostat control,
 Hızlı ısıtma özelliği
• Ev, Banyo ve ticari kullanımlar için uygun
• Banyo ve diğer ıslak mahallerde kullanım için IPX4 standartlarına göre ıslanmaya karşı korumalı sistem
• Yüksek hassasiyetli ayarlanabilir termostat

Gas filled, accurate to +/- 1.5°C. User selection of room temperature from 5°C (frost protection) to 35°C using rotary knob. On/off switch ; A single pole on/off switch controls the electricity supply. Neon indicator when the switch is on and power is supplied to elements. heat selection switch ; This allows the thermostat to operate on full or half load. Electrical connections; 1.0m of supply cable fitted to each heater.Thermal cut-out ; Auto reset type. Construction ;Durable epoxy-polyester powder coated steel casing, with forward facing grille. Temperature resistant PBT thermoplastic moulded parts.

DIMPLEX -UK-IPX4 UltraSlim Panel Isıtıcı 1000 Watt

Stok kodu: ISI-HAV-DIM1000
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