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Area of use
This product is intended to use in environments where explosive air mixes, (gas, mist, dust), can be present.

The PlymoVent ball-bearing jointed extraction arm – KUA – is a flexible and efficient extractor for dust, welding fumes, soldering
fumes, oilmist, fumes from solvents etc. Ideal for many problem areas. The outer and inner arm are coupled by an externally mounted elbow joint for which we have a patent application pending. This external joint is adjusted by hand without the need for any tools.
The lower spring-assisted joint supported in a double ball-bearing mount, gives KUA a smooth, flexible movement. The KUA reaches above its mounting height and is manoeuvrable through 360°. Both outer and inner arms are made of light, smooth aluminium tubing. This not only makes the arm rugged but also minimises the total weight and noise level, even at high extraction rates.


  • ATEX Zone 22, EX II 3DPatlayıcı Gaz Toz Duman bulunan alanlarda kullanıma uygun 4 mt Akrobat emiş kolu - Çap Ø 160 mm
    Manevra yeteneği 360°
    Damperli, kafes telli sökülebilir emiş davlumbazı
    Bilyeli mesnetli
    Montaj braketli
    Ağırlık 25 Kg
    Hava debisi 800-1200 m3/h


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