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Dştan mafsallı kol ø 150 mm L= 3m, klapeli emiş davlumbazı ve karşı bağlantılı duvar montaj ayağı ile birlikte.

The Evolution no-smoke self-supporting suction arm represents the best technical solution for the suction of welding smoke, gas, vapours, aerosol, oil fumes, dusts, etc..

Operating Principle;  The polluted air is sucked in through the jointed hood and passes through pipes made of sturdy sheet metal (zinc-plated, inox, scratchproof enamelled, aluminum) to the high-efficiency fan or to the system’s central piping system, and from here to the filtering unit used in the specific applications. The pipes and the hood of the Evolution no-smoke are coupled together by special external articulated joints that we have patented, and a high resistance flexible pipe NO-SMOKE FLEX which allow easy and convenient movement of the arm. The Evolution no-smoke arm is also equipped with a rotary bearing which enables rotation through even 360° if installed on its special stand.


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