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LE9-9 kg/h Buharlı Nemlendirici

9 kg/h Buharlı Nemlendirici Vapac LE9

  • Because of the expansion and contraction caused in hygroscopic materials by variations in the humidity level, and the discomfort felt by the human body when subjected to the same high and low humidity fluctuations, it is not unreasonable to consider that any list of appropriate applications would be limitless. There are a number of areas however where controlled humidification conditions could be of particular importance;

    Hospitals:- Operating Theatres, Recovery Rooms.

    Print Works:- Fluctuations in paper size can cause numerous printing problems.

    Laboratories:- All formats can benefit from stable humidification conditions.

    Ceramics:- Decoration and curing.

    Art:- Museums, Galleries.

    Engineering:- Paint Spray, Test Facilities, Clean Rooms, Calibration.

    Electronics:- Production, Static Control.

    Telecommunications:- Static Control

    Pharmaceuticals:- Chemical Storage, Material Stability.

    Construction:- Brick and Tile Curing.

    Health:- Spa Centres.

    Computers:- Server Rooms, Data Centres.

    Air Conditioning:- Many applications where the cooling process removes moisture.


  • Broşür
    Montaj Uygulama Kullanım Manueli

    Opsiyonel Elemanlar:

    • Ø35 Buhar Hortumu 2m
    • RDU 9-Oda Dağıtım Ünitesi
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