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Maximum air flow 4,000 m3/h
Nominal diameter 400 mm
3 speed asynchronous motor with shaft turning in self-aligning and self-lubricating bushings; thermal overload protection.
Motor housing equipped with hinge and clamp knob for adjustment of tilt angle.
Oscillating mechanism (angle 90°) incorporated into housing, operated by auxiliary asynchronous motor.
Manual on/off switch and speed selector control; operating status of the fan displayed by luminous indicators located on the base.
Equipped as standard with IR remote control for switching the fan on and off, selecting the speed, programming the delayed shutoff function (½ h to 7.5 h), and activating the “breeze” option.
Designed for wall-mounted installation, supplied without power cord.

4000 m3/h 40 W Uzaktan Kumandalı Vantilatör

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