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1350 m3/h ASMA TAVAN TİPİ ESP HAVA TEMİZLEYİCİ (With UVC Germicidal Irradiator)
Airborne pollutants in indoor facilities build up as the air is re-circulated and also as a result of human occupation and working & recreational activities. The quality of indoor air degrades as airborne pollutants build up.
The DM 450 / DM 900 is a commercial grade ceiling mounted Electrostatic Air Cleaner with UVC lamp for germicidal irradiation which can be installed in locations that require spot cleaning. It has a self contained unit with a powerful fan to pull in the dirty air, ionizes and clean it, storing the contaminants within its collection cell which is washable.
An optional carbon filter removes office odours and a final UVC lamp kills airborne microbes, returning the clean air back into the facilities. There is no loss of expensive cool (or heated) air.
Pollutants such as dirt, dust, lint, paper dusk, food odours, microbes and other airborne impurities are removed.

1350 m3/h Tavan Tipi ESP Hava Temizleyici

  • Broşür

    • Up to 90% efficiency
    • Infra Red Remote Control, 3 speed control
    • UVC Germicidal Lamp to eliminate germs
    • Washable pre filters and collection cells
    • Optional carbon filter for odour reduction
    • Flush mounted onto false ceiling, fits 600mm x 600mm or 600mm x 1200mm ceiling board
    • Recirculates clean air without any loss of cool or heated air
    • Collects particles as small as 0.01 micron.

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