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Akustik izoleli hücre içerisinde, kayış kasnaklı çift emişli, sık

kanatlı radyal ex-proof ATEX fan

SPCVTT-22/22-750 R.P.M-/4-5,50 KW-EExeIIT3

11.900 m3h 590 Pa

Motor IP 55


ATEX version
Explosion proof versions in accordance to ATEX Directive, for three phase models up to 11 kW:


- ATEX Flameproof -Gas:
II 2G Ex d IIB T4
II 2G Ex d IIB+H2 T4 (with Ex d IIC T4 motor)


- ATEX Increased safety-Gas:
II 2G Ex e II T3


To select CVTT refer to performance curves, or Easyvent.
The consumption data (A, W) of ATEX products may vary from the data shown in technical characteristic charts.


refAFS 3.2017.45103   cvtt-22-22.html

11.900 m3h 590 Pa 5,5KW HUCRELI EExeIIT3 ATEX FAN - ISPANYA

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